ABC bias on euthanasia

A while ago somebody sent me a post on the MercatorNet blog, Careful! – a blog on euthanasia. It contained a video interview with Bishop Anthony Fisher op. The blog describes him as being "interviewed by a right-to-die activist." I suppose the post writer simply went by the content of the questions and drew the obvious conclusion. The interviewer, Quentin Dempster, is a journalist with the ABC and presumably has pretensions to neutrality. This was not extra-curricular activity.  The interview was part of regular ABC programming.

Bishop Fisher does a very good job dealing with the questions. Dempster is someone who describes obedience to the Fifth Commandment as hardline but as the folk at Careful! say, Bishop Fisher hits the questions right out of the park (in Australia, since you ask, we would say "hits them for six").

Comments on YouTube are disabled, naturally. More Dempster using ABC platforms to promote euthanasia here; see especially the scare quotes around pro-life.