On C(utting) C(olouring) D(rawing)

We are starting over...

 It is hard to tell to what extent, if any, this is exaggerated for effect. Since the author is an American priest it is perfectly possible he is closing down the standard programme (oh, all right, program) of sacramental instruction to replace it with something that might actually work.

I  no longer intend to prepare children for First Communion and Confirmation. There will no longer be First Communion and Confirmation classes. How and when will the children receive Communion and Confirmation? They will receive when they are ready.  When are they ready? They are ready when they want the Sacrament. How do we know they want the Sacrament? When they understand it, can tell the pastor what it is and why they want it. If they are not in ongoing religious education and they are not coming to Mass on regular basis, they don’t want the Sacrament.
When I read this I remembered seeing a joke recently that CCD stands for "Cutting Colouring and Drawing". I googled "cutting colouring and drawing ccd" to find out where, but it is buried among a bunch of religious education websites filled with instructions to get the children to, well, cut, colour, and draw.