Professor full stop

Professor J. Budziszewski   of the University of Texas at Austin writes an occasional column for the online Christian magazine (oh, all right, webzine) Boundless. He generally writes under the pseudonym Dr Theophilus. It was from his writings I learnt the definition "love is a commitment of the will to the true good of another". It might be from somebody else but I heard it first at the feet of Dr Theophilus.

The conceit of the Dr Theophilus' columns is that he is a professor pestered for advice – mostly moral – by his students. His writing is gentle but firm. No squishiness. His complete columns for Boundless appear to be all online (but there is no index, have to use the search vbar). They stretch back to 1998, including the one I nearly made the attention grabbing title of this post: I Got My Girlfriend Pregnant. What Now? Instead I made an undergraduate allusion to the general ignorance of Professor J. Budziszewski's Christian name. He became a Catholic in 2004.