Following the example of the locals

TRH the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge recently spent some time in Brisbane on their way back from a tour of the Pacific Islands.

To be precise they spent 90 minutes.
Kate and Wills saved the best for last on their royal tour to Southeast Asia and the Pacific: 90 fun-packed minutes at Brisbane Airport. 
The international terminal has a multitude of attractions including five cafes, an RM Williams store, and countless seats on which young lovers can sit and stare out the window to watch the wondrous world of aviation unfolding on the tarmac.
Our heroes, Kel Knight and Kath Day-Knight, once did something similar.
At the airport, Kath and Kel learn all flights are grounded but they soon realise the airport is as much fun as a holiday. They spend two days at the airport - shopping in the stores, sleeping in the lounge, sneaking into the VIP area to steal food from the kitchens - and eventually realise they don't need to go on a plane to come home, and that if you're bored there are always the moving escalators.