Proper Treatment of a Blessed Pope and a Blessed Cardinal

A few weeks ago I mentioned the Breviary Propers for the Diocese of Cologne. Blessed John Paul II has, with the consent of the Holy See, been inserted into the Liturgical Calendar of the United States as an optional memoria. That page has links to the Mass Propers in Latin and English (and Spanish) and to the Breviary Propers ditto, all from the Vatican website. These are all within the pages of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments. Nevertheless there is no mention of these Propers on the English page. I mention that because in all the other languages of the Vatican site there is a link to all the material pertaining to John Paul II's beatification and liturgical cult: Italian, German, Spanish, French, and Portugese. Even the Latin page has a link to the decree of 2nd April 2011 De cultu liturgico in honorem Beati Ioannis Pauli ii, papae, tribuendo.

Anamnesis, the bulletin of the Liturgical Commission of the Polish Bishops has a pdf of the decree and another one of the Mass and Office Propers combined into a single document. ("Dekret o kulcie bł. Jana Pawła II, papieża" for the decree, "Teksty liturgiczne o bł. Janie Pawle II, papieżu" for the propers).

The Liturgy Office of the Catholic Bishops of England and Wales has inserted the optional memoria of Blessed John Henry Newman for October 9th. This is seen in the Recent Additions page last updated (it says here) on 24th September 2010. Newman does not appear in the National Calendar for England. The Recent Additions page links to a pdf, without preamble or explanation, of the liturgical texts in Latin and then in English of the Propers for Mass and the Divine office of Blessed John Henry Newman (pdf).

Recent Additions also has links to an index page for downloadable resources for Gregorian chant in the form of extracts from Jubilate Deo. Something seems to have happened in the Liturgy Office. It was thanks to a scathing review on its site that I discovered Laszlo Dobszay's The Bugnini-Liturgy and the Reform of the Reform (2003). From the reviewer's contempt it sounded like the sort of thing that would be just my cup of tea – and it was. From there it was a short step to Dobszay's recordings with the Schola Hungarica.

But if it is now publishing propers in Latin, as well as materials for Gregorian chant, there must have been some kind of change of attitude.