What? Another One?

When I was at school, my English teacher once referred to Christopher Tolkien as publishing manuscripts from "out of a trunk in the attic". I thought this was an excessively cynical way of looking at The History of Middle Earth, and still do.

What would she make of the reconstruction of an incomplete long version of The Children of Húrin, a previously unheard of translation cum adaptation of the Völsunga saga in The Legend of Sigurd and Gudrún (always reaching for the accents, that Tolkien chap) and now another another work which nobody has ever heard of before, The Fall of Arthur? Next it will be Robin Hood, then the Táin, the Mabinogion and so on. Pretty soon he should have the entire Cambridge ASNAC syllabus covered.

UPDATE: What do you mean? Of course I'll be getting it!

UPDATE 2: And the deluxe version.