A taxi driver writes…

Prince Philip speaks for all men.
It is an awkward but little-discussed matrimonial duty which has sorely taxed all but the most dexterous of husbands. Now the Duke of Edinburgh has spoken out about the “infernal” problem of undoing jewellery clasps. Prince Philip voiced the feelings of put-upon spouses everywhere when he complained to an award-winning silversmith over the time-consuming nature of the task – and how it can all so easily go wrong.
Gaffe that journalists! On the other hand this same 91 year old bloke has the temerity, nay the audacity not to like having his eardrums blown out, writes Amy Willis.
The Duke of Edinburgh is famed for his foot-in-mouth moments but yesterday he was being spotted with his fingers in his ears at the Royal Variety Show. The Duke, 91, made the gesture during a performance by American singer Alicia Keys, according to reports in the Evening Standard.
Gosh, did you see what Amy did there? Foot in mouth…fingers in ears. Clever isn't she? Naturally the Australian media is on the case.