Fairfax exclusive: China moves its capital! Australia moves its Parliament!

Australian print media is carved up between Fairfax Media and News Ltd. Some of Australia's oldest newspapers are owned by Fairfax, The Sydney Boring Herald was founded in 1831 The Arrggh in 1854. Local lefties regard Fairfax Media as basically good (like "our" ABC) and News Ltd as utterly evil. Anyway that's enough background for the non Australians.

The Sydney Boring Herald reports:
A JETSTAR pilot and crew were held hostage for more than six hours by a mob of angry passengers after their flight was diverted from Beijing to Shanghai because of bad weather.
Sounds exciting.
The Chinese police were called in and passengers and Jetstar officials contacted the Australian embassy in Shanghai for help.
The Australian embassy to China is in Beijing. Shanghai has a Consulate-General.

Closer to home, Corporal Daniel Keighran of the 6th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment was awarded the Victoria Cross for his part in an action in Afghanistan.

The Canberra Times (the feel of a local paper in a national capital, Canberra being a company town) reports:
Corporal Daniel Keighran has received Australia's highest military honour. Governor-General Quentin Bryce presented Corporal Keighran, 29, with the Victoria Cross medal at a ceremony at Government House in Canberra.
So far so good, but alas for the video at the top of the article by Tessa Van der Riet. At about 35 seconds:
Two years on and Corporal Keighran has been awarded the country's highest military honour in a grand service at Parliament House in Canberra.
For starters it is a ceremony not a service and anyone who has ever been inside Parliament House would not confuse it with the Governor General's residence at Yarralumla.