Breaking news: Australian federation abolished

In stunning news, the "indissoluble Federal Comonwealth under the Crown" of Australia has been suddenly dissolved by act of media. It has had the effect of making the Australian Senate subject to election by the Australian people as a whole. This can be shown by the announcement the Julian Assange is to stand for the Senate with no mention of in which state he will stand.

NB: If this is otherwise shown to be false then replace the previous paragraph with the following.

In boring non-news, the Australian media are thick and lazy and leave out important pieces of information.

Both Fairfax and News Ltd use the same unadapted AAP story.
JULIAN Assange will run for a Senate seat in the 2013 federal election and his mum reckons he'll be awesome. "He will be awesome," she said.
In other news, my Mum says I am cool, so there.
Christine Assange has confirmed her son's candidacy, after WikiLeaks tweeted the news ā€¦ Queensland-born Assange, who founded the secret-leaking website WikiLeaks, announced his Senate ambition last December from Ecuador's London embassy.
Possibly he will stand in Queensland. It presumably depends on where he is registered to vote. The last I heard he was going to stand in New South Wales or Victoria. If the former then I will get the indubitable pleasure of putting him last.
He said last year he would run as a Senate candidate under a yet-to-be-formed WikiLeaks party banner and was recruiting others to stand with him. The election will be held on September 14.
Glad they included that last sentence. I might have missed it.