Scraping the barrel on Pope coverage

The last Pope to resign was Gregory XII who did so on 4th July 1415. But he did so when there were two other claimants (a Benedict XIII and a John XXIII, not to be confused with Pietro Francisco Orsini or Angelo Roncalli) and so it was not immediately clear whether the real Pope was resigning or was being eased out (as the other two claimants were). So far as I know the only other resignation was St Celestine V who did so on 13th December 1294. Pope Benedict visited St Celestine's tomb in July 2010, and left his Pallium there. Anyway those are some facts.

I thought factoids were trivial facts. I was wrong. They are things presented as fact but actually false – such as the sowing of salt into the ruins of Carthage (didn't happen, made up I believe in the 20th century).

Five factoids about Popes and their Appointment.

Edward Peters asks When will the Conclave start?

Further to my theory that everybody in practice acknowledges the vast importance of the Papacy on its own terms, that is spiritually, not merely because he happens to be in charge of the world's largest religion, here are some more links.

Dan Hodges (Glenda Jackson's son) says A black Pope would be the liberal left's worst nightmare. Unlikely. They have no problem going after Clarence Thomas, Archbishop John Sentamu etc.
In a few weeks time they’re going to establish a new Papal Conclave, and when they do, they really need to get Alastair Campbell in there, or Simon Cowell.
This a few shades from Cosmopolitan decrying the election of Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger because he would destroy the Catholic Church: We didn't know you cared!

Tim Blair says:
Pope Benedict XVI announces his resignation. I didn't know he was a Labor MP.