A really bad week

On Sunday 11th July 2010 the Archbishop of Buenos Aires attacked the Bill, then before the Argentine Senate, to create homosexual marriage. The Archbishop described it as a "destructive attack on God's plan." The President of Argentina hit back the following day.
Mrs. Kirchner harshly criticized church leaders on Monday, saying that their discourse on the issue resembled “the times of the Crusades” and that they failed to acknowledge how socially liberal Argentina had become.
Another theme of Cristina Kirchner's presidency has been demanding that the UK hand over the Falkland Islands to Argentina, regardless of the wishes of the inhabitants.
Mrs Kirchner wants to open talks with the British over the sovereignty of the islands, ignoring the Falkland Islanders who are not recognised by the Argentinians.
In June 2012, she attended a meeting of a United Nations committee on decolonisation.
At the meeting she was addressed by a committee from the Falkland Islands. It is believed to be the first time representatives from the islands have been in the same room as the Argentine premier … Mrs Kirchner said she was "not going to say anything about those who have spoken defending their position," adding: "Our dispute is with the UK."
On 11th March 2013 99.8% of Falkland Islanders voted to remain a British overseas territory.  Two days later that Archbishop she despised so much was elected Pope.

Poor woman. She had a terrible week. She might be relieved that she has at least get rid of her opponent. If so, she should probably contact some old Polish communists.