Easier access to the Catechism

The trouble with the Vatican website's publication of the English version of Catechism of the Catholic Church is that the index lacks the numbers used everywhere by everyne to refer to a specific passage.  Nobody uses the chapter numbers. You have to click on one of the links to to chapter, article, or section names in the approximate area and work your way from there. There is a similar problem with the French, Latin and Latvian editions. The ChineseMalagasy, Portugese and Spanish editions all have the range of paragraph numbers next to each link for easier navigation. The Italian edition is similarly divided but in much longer ranges (the first is nn.1-1065) and the links take you to large PDFs.

 St Charles Borromeo Catholic Church in Picayune, Miss. has acquired the right to publish the complete Catechism on its own website. They offer the standard table of contents (as on the Vatican website) as well as a table of contents with paragraph numbers. Both take you to the same files.

While we are on the subject here are direct links to the various indexes to the Catechism on the Vatican website (I can never find them in a hurry):

Alphabetical index
 Words arranged by frequency
 Reverse alphabetical index (i.e. by the last letter in a word)
 Words arranged by length
 Frequency statistics

I am not sure what use there is for any of these apart from the first but there they are, so there you go.