BBC Bias: So that's alright then

The BBC Trust recently published a review [pdf] on its practice of impartiality.

The BBC justifies its lack of impartiality about Christianity with the excuse ‘its not a perfect world’

Well there you have it, the BBC have invented a special class of impartiality for its journalists covering Christianity, ‘Due Impartiality’, which in this imperfect world means not bothering to be impartial. This bare-faced admission is in line with the prejudice and discrimination exhibited by UK courts who uphold ‘Due Religious Freedom’  for Christians, meaning ‘increasingly restricted religious freedoms’ for Christian Bed and Breakfast owners, Registrars, Counsellors, and Teachers.  Its also in line with the NHS’s version of ‘Due Freedom of Conscience’, which means no freedom of conscience for Midwives and Mental Health counsellors.