Hazing for scriptural scholars

Why the Biblical Languages Matter—Even if You Forget Them (via Rod Decker).

In another month or so, a new crop of seminary students will begin the grueling month-long experience of Summer Greek.   And, like all seminary students before them, they will begin to ask the question of why studying these ancient languages even matters.   After all, a few years after graduation all will be forgotten.   In the midst of a busy pastoral life, who could possibly maintain proficiency in the languages?  As a result of these questions, some students decide (very early on) that the biblical languages are just something to be endured.  They are like a hazing ritual at a college fraternity.  No one likes it, but you have to go through it to be in the club.  And then it will be over.

He means seminarians for Protestant Churches of course. Catholic Seminarians having all availed themselves of the many opportunities to learn Latin and Greek (as well as Hebrew, Syriac and the rest) available in Catholic schools. Stop laughing at the back.