Audible hears the cry of the not so poor

I am addicted (is that too strong a word? probably) to audiobooks and have been using for a number of years. Occasionally I have badgered Audible to provide more content. There are a large number of audiobooks available in the U.S. but not in other territories.  All somebody had to do was check a box somewhere and hey presto more money. An early success was persuading them to make the complete (so far) Song of Ice and Fire series available worldwide, or at least in Australia. Fortunately other imperatives drove the copyright holder(s) to make it available.

Another absence is the Arkangel Shakespeare ā€“ studio recordings of all 38 plays ā€“ which appears to be an official production of the Royal Shakespeare Company. At any rate it uses RSC actors. Looking for a copy of Henry VI I had to get family in the UK to download it for me from  (Henry VI is similar to Song of Ice and Fire ā€“ some of the plot elements, e.g. Robb Stark's marriage, are derived from the Wars of the Roses via Shakespeare, don't be fooled by the fantasy armour in the TV series, Westeros is clearly based on late medieval western Europe). But now the Arkangel Shakespeare is completely available on Audible. There are no recordings of the narrative poems or the Sonnets but you can get those elsewhere.