A local paper for local people

Behold the Post Newspapers, a family of local papers serving the suburbs of Perth. Turning to the issue of the Cambridge Post (the youngest member of the family) of 21st April 2012 [PDF, and a rather heavy one at that].


(Page 2). You have to watch out for those Audi drivers. And as for unsolicited websites: most of the internet is full of them I hear. I don't recall anyone asking me to put this one together, for example.


(Page 4). Not content with Indian call centre staff with a vague knowledge Australian football codes (and it would not be hard to fool me in that direction), the internet now has Americans with a firm grasp of the Australian vernacular. Good to know the IT guru is able to translate technobabble into Strine.

It was an article on page 26 (concerning some colleagues of mine) that drew my eye.


Considering the last paragraph, Nelson indeed saved us from an awful fate. My French is terrible.