It's just possible, however unlikely, that in the last surviving handheld data crystal which contains the entire contribution to the internet made in the third millennium, this website will be the only uncorrupted portion. So I since I mentioned last year that Voyager 1 and 2 were on their way out of the Solar System I had better mention that Voyager 1 has now left.

While there is a bit of an argument on the semantics of whether Voyager 1 is still inside or outside of our Solar System (it is not farther out than the Oort Cloud — it will take 300 more years reach the Oort cloud and the spacecraft is closer to our Sun than any other star) the plasma environment Voyager 1 now travels through has definitely changed from what comes from our Sun to the plasma that is present in the space between stars.

Interstellar space sounds like someone tuning a theramin.

This is NASA's announcement of Voyager 1's position.