Obama and Cameron would rather not have to think about Assyriology

Further or Alternatively was decent enough to credit me when pinching one of my posts. I am obliged to her, or as it may be him, for The tragic tale of George Smith and Gilgamesh. He, or as it may be she, picks up on the fact that a lecture on the discovery of an Akkadian text about the Flood on a tablet in the British Museum received wide attention.

What is most striking about all this? It's a close call. Is it:

- a national newspaper covering recent developments in Assyriology in glowing terms and funding expensive new research in the field?
- recent developments in Assyriology producing lecture halls thick with reporters?
- carpenters in Chelsea and lectures where we now find Sketch? (This is the "Lecture Room and Library" at Sketch. It's a fun place to eat and "The extensive and acclaimed wine list was awarded ‘Best Award for Excellence’ by the Wine Spectator and AA Guide’s ‘Best UK Wine List'", which is more than the Society of Biblical Archaeology ever got for its wine list.)
- a Prime Minister turning up to a lecture on recent developments in Assyriology?
- a left-wing Prime Minister casually brushing aside a claim for public funding for a popular cause by saying that was a "vulgar expedient"?