A very loving problem

In a footnote to a review of a book about the possibility of married priests, Canon Lawyer Edward Peters (mentioned in these parts several times) discusses a translation problem:

Cattaneo repeats a very common mistranslation of Presbyterorum ordinis 16 when he quotes it as saying that Vatican II “permanently [sic: lovingly (peramanter)] exhorts all those who have received the priesthood and marriage [sic: the priesthood in marriage (in matrimonio presbyteratum)] to persevere in their holy vocation …”. 

The relevant passage (leaving out a reference to the practice of married clergy in the eastern Churches) of PO  16 is:

Sacrosancta haec Synodus … omnesque illos peramanter hortatur, qui in matrimonio presbyteratum receperunt, ut, in sancta vocatione perseverantes,

The Vatican translation: 

This holy synod … permanently exhorts all those who have received the priesthood and marriage  to persevere in their holy vocation…

Peters refers us to his own article [PDF] in the  Catholic Scholars Quarterly  (Summer 2011), which includes the following discussion of PO  16 and the Vatican translation.

Plainly, the English translation proposes two grammatically equivalent direct objects of the verb “received,” namely, “priesthood and marriage,” While the Latin original proposes only one direct object for the verb “receperunt,” namely, “presbyteratum,” while referring to marriage in a prepositional phrase “in matrimonio”. A correct English translation of the Latin original should read something like “This holy synod … exhorts all those who have received the priesthood in marriage [or ‘while married’ or ‘in the married state' or ‘after marriage’] to persevere in their holy vocation.”

Cattaneo, of course is simply using the translation on the Vatican website. That would be the same Vatican website which notes that Pastors "understand that it is their noble duty to shepherd the faithful and to recognize their miniseries…" (Lumen Gentium n.30). That is why my Parish Priest always looks for copies of Brideshead Revisited, Band of Brothers and so on, when he comes to visit.